Design Your Dream Kitchen

Why Choose a Cabinetmaker to Design Your Dream Kitchen?


Let's face it, the kitchen has become the new living space in the house. It is the place we start our busy day hustling to get everyone out the door in a timely manner. It's the place we end our day winding down before we head to bed. It's the place we all congregate when we meet as groups to celebrate, to break bread, to live our lives. The kitchen IS the new living space, the nerve center of our homes. Housing designs have reflected this in the past few decades with the open concept layout and the "kitchen forward" planning which took the kitchen from the back, northern facing corners of homes, and brought it to the front of the house as a showcase. Kitchens are no longer strictly utilitarian... they are multifaceted. We eat in the kitchen, not the dining room. We fill out our thank you cards and open our mail here, not the office. If there were a murphy bed we may even sleep here! It is where everyone goes. A well designed kitchen will streamline many kitchen related tasks and allow for comfort and ease of use.

                       A great design starts with custom cabinetry

There are many advantages to having your kitchen cabinets built by a cabinetmaker. The cabinetry can be any size... including height, depth, and shape. The cabinetry can come in any wood type and color. The cabinetry will come with all the latest hardware. Most importantly... the cabinetry will be built by one company, under one roof, with YOU in mind. When you contract with a cabinetmaker all the workers know who the cabinetry is going to and why they are the sizes and shapes they are because it is all at your request. They are also built as large as possible to limit the number of seams during installation. They are built exactly they way you want them to be. They are not being built in a large factory where the end user and all circumstances are unknown.

    A Cabinetmaker Designs and Builds YOUR cabinetry with YOU in mind

Good cabinetmakers are the best designers of kitchens. Since cabinetmakers build kitchens with the end user in mind designing your kitchen becomes a collaboration. Cabinetmakers will take all of your wants, needs, and room layout (windows, doors, high traffic areas) and create designs specific for your home and workflow. Since the cabinetry isn't being ordered out of a catalog in nominal sizes, cabinetmakers will build specific pieces to eliminate the need for filler strips and maximize storage.

At Reynolds Custom Woodworks you not only get our incredible custom inset cabinetry, you also get our superior design work. Our designer is a cabinetmaker. Together we will find the perfect balance of form and function to transform your kitchen into the showcase you've always dreamed it could be.

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