The Reynolds Custom Inset Cabinetry Difference

In the kitchen cabinet world there are two styles that make up the majority of kitchens... Overlay cabinetry and Inset cabinetry. At Reynolds Custom Woodworks we proudly hand craft beautiful built custom inset cabinetry. Doors and drawer fronts are flush with the frames of the cabinetry making inset cabinetry sleek, easy to clean, and in the tradition of how cabinetry has been built for hundreds of years. Building in the inset style requires extreme precision and ensures that your cabinetry is built perfectly, one at a time. Since inset cabinetry cannot be mass produced each board needs to be milled to exact specifications, every aspect of building inset cabinetry is truly custom. Let Reynolds Custom Woodworks design, build, and install your custom cabinetry.
Consult with Reynolds Custom Woodworks about completing a flawless kitchen cabinet installation.