We’ve got “Exactly What You Want”


  • Kitchen cabinetry and counter tops for all budgets
  • Increase the efficiency of your kitchen with our many unique options.
  • Only the best kitchen cabinet hardware, dovetailed drawers, and solid wood doors
  • We will make your kitchen dreams come true. Let us build your kitchen cabinets in our custom cabinet shop.
  • We are with you 100% of the way from design, fabrication, finish, and installation to ensure you get “Exactly What You Want.”

Remodeling Your Kitchen?


We have worked with hundreds of families to remodel their kitchens. From building beautiful custom cabinetry to coordinating with professional granite suppliers, Reynolds Custom Woodworks is the company to call for YOUR kitchen remodeling project.

Custom Woodwork For All YOUR Cabinetry Needs

Quality Materials

At Reynolds Custom Woodworks, our kitchen cabinets are made from the highest quality materials, in our custom cabinet shop. Solid wood materials are carefully selected for grain, matched for color, and are milled and finished to your exact specifications. Dovetailed drawers, soft close hardware, and furniture details are standard. All kitchen cabinets are designed, created, and installed specifically for your home, ensuring that they are customized to your specific needs.

Flush Inset Doors

Custom cabinetry from Reynolds Custom Woodworks is different than cabinetry from big box stores because we take pride in building flush inset doors. With or without bead, inset doors give your kitchen a timeless look that most other manufacturers can't match.

Premium Finishes

All of our painted finishes are applied by hand using oil based enamel. This very durable finish is applied on site to give your kitchen a seamless look! Water based lacquers are used for our clear coats, and stains are hand applied and rubbed in for perfect results.

If you are looking for a full service cabinet company that can do everything from design to installation and make your kitchen remodeling project a success, call Reynolds Custom Woodworks today at (207) 649-3764!